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100% flax linen double sided duvet cover. Build your duvet design by choosing each side from our range of 25 unique solid or striped shades.

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MILOU MILOU flax linen bed garments are designed by you, to your specific tastes and palette. These relaxed and stylish pieces are a beautiful addition to any home, they’re easy-care, and both our Adult and Baby products will last you a lifetime. Pure linen grows softer with time, and will keep you both cool in summer and warm in winter.

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Our custom flax linen duvet cover, featuring two different shades to create a double-sided cover.

100% flax linen – density range 160-185gsm.

Hypo-allergenic, breathable, anti-bacterial.

Repels bacteria, dust, dirt and bugs.

Duvet covers are button closure, and have hand sewn ties in each corner to hold inner/s in place.

Stripes will be implemented into your garments either horizontally or vertically - feel free to tell us if you prefer one, otherwise we'll choose when we sew.

Our sizing is generous to accommodate varying mattress depths. Linen by nature will crease and crinkle, and should be a relaxed fit. Please ensure you’re happy with the regional bedding measurements in our size chart before placing the order. Special orders and sizing can be accommodated – please email any enquiries to hello@miloumilou.com.

MILOU MILOU fabrics are all STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified. At no stage of production do the garments come into contact with harmful, prohibited or regulated substances and chemicals, and they are assessed for colour fading and acidity.

Ethically and sustainably sourced from France and Belgium. Woven, dyed, sewn and stone washed at our family-run, BCMI-certified manufacturer in Shanghai.

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