Virtually all parts of the flax plant are used in the harvesting process, leaving no footprint.It is a renewable resource, needing very little irrigation (rain only) when grown, and is minimally processed.

Being made from a 100% natural fibre, it’s also biodegradable.

Flax growing both respects the environment and preserves the land – as well as the surrounding plants and wildlife.

It’s known to improve soil quality, thereby increasing returns of following crops.


Linen comes from the flax plant and cultivation of these crops is extremely expensive.

Linen is more difficult to spin than cotton and there are many labour-intensive stages to the production process, therefore it is a more sustainable, premium fabric which comes at a higher price.

The beauty is, it will last forever if love and care for it.


Linen is a relaxed, easy-care fabric – it dries quickly and while it may feel crisp after sun drying, it will soften immediately with wear.

We recommend a cold machine wash, with a gentle liquid soap or few drops of essential oil to freshen. Do not bleach or dry clean. Always avoid tumble drying for environmental reasons.Ironing is not necessary but if preferred, use a low heat.


Hypo-allergenic, breathable, anti-bacterial, dust, dirt and bug repellant, linen is a great option for everyone, though a particularly good choice for those with problematic or hypersensitive skin; those who suffer from dermatological disorders, have allergies or are asthmatic.