We're changing the way you buy linen.

We believe people deserve access to tailored, made-to-order garments.

Our company ethos echoes our personal buying preferences: minimal impact, zero-waste, tailored products that provide lasting comfort and style. Inspired by colour, surrealism, freedom, art and object, the heart of our brand is longevity. Our products impart the joy of dressing a bed in a rotating and flexible palette.

We practice sustainability on all fronts of our business. We directly support reforestation, and have partnered with One Tree Planted - to plant on your behalf when you order our products, and further voluntary contributions offset our footprint in terms of import, and general operations.
We're a completely plastic-free business, and we expect the same of any suppliers. Our packaging is 100% compostable. The pieces themselves are also compostable, being pure linen (with a cotton garment tag.)

Production time is currently 21 days. You’ll receive a fulfilment email containing tracking information immediately after dispatch.
MILOU MILOU linens are pre-washed and soft when they arrive. Nothing toxic touches them from milling to sleeping. They're STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified.
Our suppliers are required to participate in independent and governmental assessments to ensure fair, safe and healthy working conditions and professional conduct. We contractually spot-check, and are committed to finding solutions to work within our local community.

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MILOU MILOU was founded by Sophie Gandar in 2019 with brand and web development by Rosaria Gandar.

With backgrounds in design, a personal commitment to environmental sustainability and an affinity for flax linen bedding - we wanted to find a reputable custom service offering unique shades that gave us full creative control over our bedrooms.

We knew other linen brands were utilising a fast fashion model of production, and saw an opportunity to find a better way.

MILOU MILOU was born from creative optimism and determination.

Our garments are made from deadstock fabric - pure linens in extraordinary colours that are over-ordered by corporate brands. Our approach breathes new life into fabric that might not otherwise find any purpose.

Our prices reflect the lowest possible price to purchase a one-off, bespoke flax linen product - we don't buy in bulk, and do not benefit from high-volume margins.

While there are challenges in bespoke products, there is enormous freedom. We can work to any measurements, and any colour requests.

Our brand is equal parts product and service. We work with you, and we’re on hand to communicate and deliver the very best pieces for your home. We’re not focused on volume, but on the joy of colour design.

Treasured products are ones that are passed down, and our pieces have decades of life ahead of them.

Pure linen for us, is the only choice. Your palette – that’s all you, friend.

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We’re a start up. We’re interested to hear from anyone in regards to growth and partnership opportunities
– let’s talk – hello@miloumilou.com
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